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What makes a car SMART?

Ralph Jaschke, a local high school teacher, has chosen to beat gas prices by purchasing a SMART car. SMART you say? In what ways? I'll give you a list:

  • Someone steal your car? No problem every SMART car has GPS. Call SMART Car and they will tell you where its exact location is.

  • Rain? The SMART car will turn on and off it's own wipers on both the front and back windshield.

  • Little passenger in the seat? No problem. The seat will weigh your passenger and not deploy for passengers under 100lbs.

  • Regretting you choice of color? Just take your red door panels off and put white or make your car a collage of colors.

  • Concerned with safety? So is the SMART Car with a built in row bar and side airbags your safety is top priority.

  • It locks the gas cap so no one will still your fuel.

  • It doesn't dent.

  • Scratched? the scratch will be the color of your door panel minimizing visibility.

Jaschke says the resale value is more than you pay for it. Just check out their resale price on E-bay. Terry Williams says, "I would be one for the duration and stability."

This is what a SMART car looks like:


Worried about room:


For More Information:

Movies: Pink Panther, with Steve Martin and Beyonce features a SMART Car.