Great music inspires new music. The discovery of great music will always lead a musician to create new music. Some of my creations were directly influenced by great artists that I discovered. The futuristic escapades perpetrated by the Canadian trio called RUSH had an unmistakable influence on my imagination. “Xanadu” was the first song of theirs I ever heard. I then heard the album 2112 and quickly bought the 8-track. Over the years I replaced it with the LP, cassette, and finally the CD. The music empowered my mind to follow it on a journey like no other ever did. I got my hands on each new album as fast as I could. The music of RUSH is a complicated, well thought-out affair. The sound-scapes are rich with texture and the lyrics are deep yet easy to identify with. This was especially true for a young impressionable me. My own material began to dip into the pools of futurism. Dark tales of post apocalyptic Earth and space travel came easily from my pen. Sadly these days, after all the material I wrote down that burst forth from my experiences with the music of RUSH, only one song ever got recorded. I did “FREE” as a solo artist. It’s an energetic rock tune from the perspective of the rider on an air-bike. That would be like a motorcycle without wheels. The rider hints at lost love but obviously is enjoying the ride. He listens to the radio and says “They still play that song we love”. It’s track number four on SCRAMING WITH MY EYES. That mindset and focused perspective that I garnered from listening to RUSH has stayed with me to this day. On my last release I expounded upon the inevitable end of the human race. Melancholy runs rampant on many of the tracks. Yes, they are still a favorite muse of mine. Next time I think I’ll relate a dark muse to you. It will remain nameless as it is something I hate to admonish.