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The music died the other day. It was 94. Every note Les Paul effortlessly played carried with it the strength of happiness and the convictions of truth. He changed the guitar into the icon it is today and few if any additions to the technology have been so profound and simple. The same can be said of his gifts to the recording industry. My meager rig still owes much to him, as well as the shape of my first electric guitar. Les Paul shaped the future of music and will always be remembered with a smile. Seek his music out and I promise you, your heart will fly!

There is a rich history lost to much of the youth of today. It is replete with emotional music of the most fun nature. Even sad passages have a way of picking you up and cheering you up, no matter what! The first time I ever heard Les’ music was when he was honored by some of my heroes. (E.Van Halen was one of them.) There was this old master of the guitar belting out the happiest sounding licks I had ever heard. The toys he was using were awesome as well.

Emotion is something all musicians want to inject into their crafted compositions. Les was like a skyscraper piercing the clouds. There is an oceans worth and more of his music out there still. You will be hard pressed to find any of it that will let you down.

I hear there’s a huge concert happening tonight in heaven. I bet the sound even seeps down to earth. Aint gonna be a foot standin still up there!

No matter what you are capable of doing, you will be called upon to do things you can only hope you can accomplish. When you reach this point in your life you will have to draw heavily upon your past experiences. Those situations you learned from become important, finally. If you are smart you will have brought along wisdom, thus far, unused. When people start looking up to you for guidance it doesn’t just mean you are getting old. It means they were paying attention when you showed them that you knew what you were doing. Never let them down. They will watch you forever and learn from you. There future is in your hands. Teach them the wrong way and you will regret it later when you look back. You’ll regret it even more if what you taught them gets them killed. Teach them well and they will take your place when the time is right. Choose your successors carefully. Your fine-toothed-comb should always be your guide.

I’ve learned much from many in my life. All along this journey I have had the honor to know many great mentors. Teachers, co-workers, bosses, friends, and even enemies have been my inspiration to forge ahead in this endeavor called life.