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With the passing of great human beings we are left to contemplate our own lives. We do so alongside of their legacy. We compare their lives to our own on some level and try to justify ourselves in some way. We rationalize what they accomplished while alive and wonder if they felt “accomplished”. We eventually sink down into the depths of contemplating our own existence. Death is a doorway we will all have to go thru eventually. The looming specter of the finality of what we are inspires us to “accomplish” something with the time we have left. Some wish to live forever. Others accept the time they are given. Death inspires many an artist to expunge their souls of the most powerful symbolizations they can rip from the depths of their minds. The products they create illicit a myriad of responses from the populace. Ridicule, praise, and indifference are all symptoms of what is fired back from those who experience the “artwork” inspired by death.
Some songwriters find a comfort in locking themselves into the “death-niche” and stay there for the duration of their careers. Others just dip into those dark depths when their lives dictate it appropriate. The death of a family member, friend, or hero can easily be the catalyst. Any of these tragedies can either inspire artists to create, or inspire them not to. At the end of the day the only thing that matters to most fans is not the inspiration for a new song, but rather the way it relates to them in their everyday lives. How it moves them is the key to the whole ritual. Whatever reaction is produced in their hearts and minds is what takes precedence over whatever may have been the inspirational spark. The composer may suffer endlessly, but the fans must be entertained!