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She began, “You found me first on the previous expedition. You found me secondly on the current expedition. I am the green liquid there, and the living gold here.” She went on, and he let her. “The other planets star is a part of this local cluster. This worlds star is rouge and is on its twelfth orbit thru. This orbit will be its last as it will collide with another rouge-star currently inbound just after leaving the cluster. On the first orbital pass I realized from both vantage points that I was on both worlds. My dilemma was trying to find a way to join my dissected entity back together. I was whole long ago but by choice split. When I came back in close proximity to myself I suddenly longed to be myself again. Can you understand me so far?”

“I’ll say yes, for now.” 111 could follow but did not want to ‘entertain’ her too much.

“In any case, you became the raw material I needed to accomplish my much desired task. Now that I am whole again I can resume my far travels and transmute this planet along with its star to the next level it needs to achieve before it is destroyed.”

“I’ll hazard a guess,” 111 suddenly became aware that he was using words he was not programmed to use. They were not even in his vocabulary. He went on, “That all these new routines in my main circuitry are your doing?”

“Of course silly!” and that giggle again. “You are now the bearer of the germinator for this world’s transcendence.”

“This world?”

She giggled again. “Tachi.”

“Why must I carry the ‘germ’?”

“I cannot. That is the way it has always been.”

111 rolled his head left. “How old are you?”

“Who knows. All I know is that I have always ‘been’.”

“I still need to know more.”

“Come here.” She said and ran her other antenna around his free one. Blue light engulfed his vision and images began to flood into his mind.