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111s’ DREAM

My mind was filled with a burst of pain as everything went alabaster. I defiantly felt a long thin probe stab into the back of my skull. It telescoped forward between my cortex lobes and unfolded a dexterous tip. That tip poked about and found a neuron patch in the left lobe, sunk in, and twisted. My right pinkie-toe folded flat to the bottom of my foot. The probe untwisted and my toe reversed its painful position. The probe then went to another area and twisted the neurons there. My right eye rolled clockwise violently. The cornea bulged outward and the entire ball sank back to the rear of its socket and flattened against the wall. I was sure I was screaming.

I found myself in a wheelchair on a vast plain of smooth bricks. Someone was pushing me along at a slow pace and I tried to turn around to see. A long thin grey arm with four fingers fell in front of me and held me fast at the chest.

“Just relax.” A smooth deep voice instructed me. “No need to look at me. Look at all the friends waiting here for you.”

Indeed, there were many ‘things’ there milling about. A tall humanoid passed slowly. It had a large blue head with saucer topped antenna. Its’ yellow eyes looked down at me and it smiled with a nod as it left my field of vision. There were groups of many different beings of many different sizes and colors everywhere. From my right a group of small beings, just taller than the armrest of my chair, raced by and away. They were dressed in flowing white robe-age with gold trim and their heads were covered in white caps with long black hair flowing out to their waists. Just ahead, one of them stopped and turned around. It waited for me to get closer. Dark green eyes blinked and the brows lifted high. The mouth smiled from the corners to show crystalline teeth while the middle of the lips stayed pursed together. It spoke thru that smile. “Your final arrival will be spectacular!” It ran off in full laughter after the group it had straggled from.

My attendant then spoke solemnly, “Just a little more patience, my friend.”

A huge brown being lumbered in from left-forward and rolled its head downward. It was a massive affair of muscle, hair, and thick plates of armor. Purple eyes peered from deep within a horned helmet. I shuddered slightly until it produced a jagged toothed smile from a mouth set into its chest.

I was beginning to ease into the scenery when a flood of bright blue balls of soft light began to fall from the star-filled sky. They burst into smaller spheres whenever they hit anything, or the ground and those burst into still smaller, brighter lights. ‘Dandelions’ were all I could think of. The view slowly faded into pure white and I felt the probe fold itself back up and retract. There was no pain as it left my skull and my eye returned to normal.

“We’ll be waiting.”

“There now. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Thank you Chronia.” 111 was trying to clear the fog from its mind as it once again found itself looking directly at her. “I think I understand now.”

“Good!” She said. “Then let’s go look at the water.”

The two crickets let go of half their antenna lock and started slowly for the beach.