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“So you are the green liquid and the worm?”

“Something like that.” She replied. “I am the energy that lives in and on both worlds more than the life that inhabits each. I am the thought that finds a way to survive against all odds when there is no reason to survive but to be a thought. I am the passion for life that wins over the energy needed to remain alive. I am the exception to all the rules that say, I am impossibility. I am Tachi. I am Chronia. I am Toshonakra, the Tachychronian.”

Their walk down to the water was uneventful but for the pleasant conversation. 111 found he was wallowing in Chronias’ words and drowning in them with his curiosity. He now fully accepted the existence of the two souls that made the one, Toshonakra. The only reservations he had inside were about what the ‘germ’ he now carried was, and what he was supposed to do with it.

They stopped just shy of the wet-line and stood in silence for a while. No words passed between them for what felt to 111 like an eternity. The beauty of the sea beckoned but 111 simply resisted. He was content not to go for a swim. One part of his mind told him it would feel good while another told him the hyper-conduction of the liquid would easily scramble all his energies and fry his circuits.

A slow ripple just past the last breaking wave caught his attention. Chronia must have felt his unease.

“Here I come now.”

The ripple grew slightly larger and soon a golden stripped black worm surfaced. It caught the next little wave and rode it the short distance to shore. With labored undulations it maneuvered out of the wet zone and approached them.

“I will need a little room 111.” With that, Chronia detached from his antenna and shuffled away to the right along the wet line. She finally stopped several meters away and the worm adjusted its course to intercept.

111 felt himself becoming heavier as each moment passed. His antennae were beginning to droop lower. They were filling up with something heavy. He tasted it but could not identify whatever it was. He slumped down in the sand and swiveled a few cameras towards Chronia and the worm. He knew both of them as one half of some whole form of life he had no record of in his memory. But still, he seemed to know what they/it was.