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Grains of gold laden sand all around Chronia and the worm began to agitate. Some went airborne and wafted away up the beach. Others hovered in place and seemed to take on a slight glow. As the worm approached closer to Chronia a small line of white light appeared between them. It grew slowly and 111 picked up a heavy drone that warbled up and down the electromagnetic spectrum. Chronia uncoiled both antennae and lowered them to the worms head. Upon contact a wall of bright blue exploded upwards into the air.

111s’ cameras shut down for a moment, overloaded by the energetic display a few meters away. Lines of distortion filled his mind and then faded back to a normal picture. The sand all around him was falling down like a golden glowing snow. It made a soft metallic sound. He tried to focus on the two things over there but only saw a grey wall. He zoomed out and brought something new into focus.

The tentacle juggernaut that now stood before him looked down with one eye and turned to engage its other. It bowed slightly and spoke.

“Ah… 111, it is time for you to deliver the seed I have given you.” The words echoed away slowly. “Your antennae are full and you only have to touch the water and open your louvers. You can then board 108106 and depart with the rest of your team. Return to 7574 and then you all must return to Earth.”

111 hauled himself slowly back to his feet and began to take the last few steps closer to the sea. As he did so, Toshonakra turned up the beach and went towards the human who was still motionless on the ground. 111 kept his attention on the water and stopped just a centimeter from the wet line. His antenna dipped forward and made contact. Louvers opened and light blue energies ejected into the sea. 111 pulled his antenna back and retreated in reverse a few steps. He felt much lighter and just watched with all cameras recording.

The sea suddenly froze solid in a wave that raced away for the horizon. A rumble of thunder accompanied the action and sand vibrated into the air. 111 danced his feet a bit to keep from sinking. Once the freezing wave reached the horizon he turned towards the human and Tachychronian.

Toshonakra was squatting besides King and had a single tentacle wrapped around his helmet. “Here is all you will need to know my friend. This knowledge will help protect you, your world, and your race.”

Blue lights filled the helmet and the Tachychronian swept the human up in a few tentacles. He started out for the lander with the limp body cradled gently.

111 was still recording when the air was suddenly filled with 399 other SSSBs. They were all flying straight for 108106 and began to stream directly back into the bay. 111 started his walk for ‘home’. He was in no hurry. Over his shoulder he did not see the arcs of light that would have told him the other SSSBFs were already lifting off. He did eventually see others rising, out in the direction he was walking. He reached the ramp, crawled up, and fluttered up to his dock tube. He drifted off into a dream and ignored the world around him as the door closed and 108106 launched.