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The great, inspire the mediocre. The opposite is also true, but then again, inspiration works all across the board. I have no delusions that I can write a hit song. I simply write music for the enjoyment of writing music. If a ‘hit’ happens then, oh well. ‘Hits’ happen.

There is a treasure trove of music I can listen to when all else fails (such as when writers block or lack of inspiration attacks). Gems from across the ages, timeless and unique in their own right, can put my mind into the proper mood. I’m not going to go into any specific genre here but suffice it for me to say that, there are many songs that never fail to inspire me.

The most important thing when allowing these ‘accomplished’ artists to inspire you is to not let their spirits tread too far into what you are attempting to conceive. It can be all too easy to inject a few bars or a phrase that will eventually get lawyers on your back down the road, with a vengeance. The subtlety of being inspired by something which has already inspired a great many people is to put as much of ‘yourself’ into it to actually make it as original as possible. ‘You’ have to shine thru more than anything. The aforementioned inspiration should just be a light seasoning in the mix of ingredients.

There are lessons to be learned from a lot of famous artists and not all of these are apparent when you first hear one of their songs. Let it sink in a few years and you might glean some deeper meanings later in life. If you haven’t the patience to wait, you might just miss the entire lesson. Still, you can never say too much about how a particularly great song moves you.

There are those songs of old that are supreme bastions of honesty. No matter where you were when you first heard them, they rang true to your soul. Good, or bad, they made you think. Better yet, they even ‘let’ you think, for yourself. A lot of music today simply gives you a situation to mentally inject yourself into and then you get to run amuck with youthful fervor. The sounds are cookie-cutter-repetitive. The stories are as deeply existent as a bad movie script. The beat is the only thing that keeps things from getting boring. Words, can you really remember them?

Don’t get me wrong because, there really is a lot of good music out there. It’s just that today, few people actually have the time to catch it all. The good music also has to fend for itself in a forest of ‘less than good’ music. I simply have to look to my own creations, in all their glorious and mistake filled catalogue of mediocrity. I enjoy it when I have time. I do so with the proper amount of ‘mental salt’. I’d very much like nothing more than to be a live act but, I play the hand God has dealt. Somewhere along the way he created and endless infinity of various suites. I’m still trying to make a proper hand of it all. The plethora of muses he keeps sending me makes it all a challenge I am far less than worthy of.