Blogs » Musings On Muses » Physically Speaking? Mentally Tweaking! (Honestly, Just Old Bones)


I haven’t been playing much guitar recently. My right elbow has been on the fritz. The docs can tell me what it isn’t, but not what it is. My best guess is arthritis. Swollen joints and local muscles along with redness are a few major symptoms.

The elbow was locked at about 90 degrees for a week. I had to learn how to do a lot of things with my left for the duration. Feel free to use your imagination. Eating a salad was a bit of a messy chore but I got it all in, eventually. I spent one week on an RX that slowly gave me back most of the missing range of motion. There is still some pain though.

I put all music on the back burner for a while, well, until just yesterday. Like climbing on an old familiar bike, I fired up the crate stack and threw a couple of jams. It felt good to tickle the strings. I soon found that all the pain went away while I was playing. That was very encouraging. I didn’t get too loud. I just worked on some new chord progressions and some bluesy stuff. After I powered the rig down I noticed the pain really was gone for quite some time afterwards. It returned very slowly though. The only real discomfort was in the muscles. They sure are out of shape. I felt the burn and it was good!

I’m ready to crank the studio back up. There are muses to oblige, and I fully intend to placate them all as much as possible. “Foacaus Grasshoppa! Foacaus!”