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I make the effort to lean over Glenda every morning and kiss her cheek before I trounce off to work. These old bones protest the act sometimes but the performance is a moment of truth as always. It reaffirms to me that I still love her deeply.

On some occasions she stirs before I reach the door. In those moments, I return to the bedside for a long and warming hug. Again, my ageing body protests in some agony, but my soul rejoices. I feel blessed to be able to smile thru the pain.

The true blessing is Glenda. I’m thankful to God for each and every day that I wake up next to her. My body can fail along the way to elderliness, but my heart will always succeed where it beats into all endeavors, ‘Glenda’.

The trees are up! Yes! The girls have put up two trees this year. With our living room quite crowded thus far with miscellaneous items, I suggested a smaller tree in lieu of our seven-footer. Glenda picked a nice pink four-footer, and then a light-purple one! Both have lights on them but extras were added. The color schemes are true ‘Glenda’.

Daisy decorated the purple one, Image

while Glenda did the pink one. Image

Glenda’s resides on the dining room table and Daisy’s is on a small wall table in the living room.

I have high hopes that Santa and I will get to have a very long talk this year. The suggestions are in. The stealthy shopping trips must ensue!