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My job pretty much keeps me out of the amazing world of the nightlife of Victoria. There are very few instances where I have been onstage across the past few (?) years. And just as few when I’ve been a part of the crowd. I do miss performing but keeping bills paid is a somewhat comforting consolation. I equally love being a spectator and experiencing music from both vantage points is at the least enlightening.

Cover bands seem to rule the stages all across town. Every one of them has talent to spare and I would be insensitive to laud the exploits of any one of them over any other. They ply the wares of accomplished artist and their fans reaffirm their great talent each night they perform.

What I will attest to is the fact that some of these bands actually have original material that they intersperse with their repertoire of cover tunes. Each time they present an original work they are taking a leap of faith but, courage and conviction are surely at the core of their endeavors. That they can understand the structure of a well known song and pull it off live is a plus in the talent department when it comes to writing originals.

I’m sure there are bands out there that work more with original material than covers, and like I said before, I’m usually far removed from the nightlife. The fans will have the final say in the end as for what acts will get what stages in the long run. It is my sincere hope that the crowds all across the crossroads area will faithfully stand behind their diamonds in the rough, so to speak.

106.9 used to have a Sunday show that played local artists original material. I was lucky enough to have gotten airplay with one of my tunes. Sadly, that show is no longer running. Of course it could be that I just no longer have the energy to get up that early in the morning. Maybe if people would call in and request local artists they might bring it back. Truth be told however, this will ultimately depend on the people simply asking for what they want. So, stand by your bands you crossroads listeners! Or not. The choice is yours.