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Everything conceived deserves to see the light of day.

Everything is believable but not everything is worth believing in.

Our ignorance divides us but our understanding unites us.

Darkness and light are easiest to understand by the gray turbulence between them.

The scales of justice are cumbersome. The scales of common sense pass no judgment, but rather tip to and fro on each individual’s belief.

Every note from disaster’s harp plows a deep furrow into the memory of every witness.

Darkness pulls us from beyond the lowest lows. The light pulls us from beyond the highest highs. Our souls are stretched taught between the two extremes, but as long as we have something to believe in, we will never break.

We didn’t give up immortality. We fumbled it on the first yard line. Reality recovered the ball and ran it in. Reality also made the next kick-off before we could get downfield to line up. I think the referees were amused just as much as the lone owner of both teams.

Take note of the ability for a single human being to make seriously bad mistakes. Now, add a few billion more humans to the mix and what do you have? A species it’s hard to have faith in. Still, our 200,000 year run can’t be a fluke, can it?

Humans are like bulls. Life is like a china shop. Do the math.

An ounce of prevention is a massive counterweight to ruin.

To err is a very powerful human trait.

Blind faith is still a very visual experience.

Ah! Love! The emotional leviathan! It tramples the rest of our emotions into filthy pools of senselessness that it then proceeds to walk dry.

Behold! Hatred! The “juggernaut-in-a-pebble”! Its’ epic survival is a product of the ease with which it can be taken up and skipped infinitely across any body of water.

Anger is powerful glue. It usually sticks a lot of things together that we naturally keep apart. Its’ only redeeming quality is that it never dries.

Compassion! It removes all veils. It plays the chimes better than the wind. What it gives is always off the scale. It bundles negatives together and tosses them over the horizon for a while. If you have any, please use it.