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I think humans can only create art. Long ribbons of asphalt with lines down the middle count as such. Road signs and billboards, bridges and even traffic lights are all ‘art’ in a way. The practicality of a thing in no way diminishes its ‘artsy-ness’. Every vehicle rolling down the road is a work of art. Even the person behind the wheel can be regarded as such.

Some people create companies. Some people create families. No matter the size, these too are art. At some point in their lives, some people must re-create themselves. They are works of art too. They were works of art before they had such a monumental task thrust upon themselves by whatever cruelties life doled out, or whatever mistakes they made. There may be no new thing under the sun or anything that hasn’t been done, but we’ve been given all the pieces. When the last combination of those pieces is finally rendered into existence, and only then, every muse will breathe a sigh of contentment. Their tasks completed, what will they have left to do? Their job will be done when we understand them fully. But then again, I don’t really think that will ever happen in my lifetime.