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Failure and success both come with emotional baggage. Suffering either circumstance is always optional. The emotions that can accompany each can be applied to the other. Just because success is a good thing does not mean that the artist will enjoy it. Likewise, just because failure is a bad thing does not mean the artist will be pained by it. Both occurrences can change people but that change is best something that occurs by choice. Choice is a bastion of freedom that is best exercised as extensively as possible.

The flow of muses is as free as the wind. It operates well outside of the realm of success and failure. Before the end result of making or breaking with an artistic endeavor, muses have already put in the time and effort required for inspiration to happen. When the creative juice is flowing success or failure is the farthest thing from my mind anyway.

There are some who will tell you that they ‘had a feeling’ or ‘knew’ that they were onto something big while working on a particular thing. Keeping a good finger on the pulse of the respective market has something to do with these feelings. Focusing on such things too readily can easily cloud the creative process though. To go even farther out on that limb, there are those who begin with a sharp focus on the eventual grandeur of what they are about to attempt. “I’m going to write a song that will go to number one on the charts.” That’s a simple plan. It is achievable in all respects. Is it a realistic bombast? Who knows? Maybe a die-hard fan can answer that question.

Fame and glory are platitudes that few will ever enjoy. Mediocrity is where many will languish for all their lives. There is no room at the top for second best. There is plenty of room at the bottom for everyone. On any given day the table can upturn and those at the top can topple down to the very bottom. Idols can be replaced at the drop of a hat, or the click of a few billion, or even one, ‘mouse’.

No one can tell you what will be the next big trend. Muses could care less about that. Inspiration is a joy in and of itself and muses at work are a joyous thing to be the target of. They stir our minds into sweet froth with fresh ideas and when we pay them attention, win or lose, good or bad, succeed or fail, the world still gains something in the end.