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“The dawn of man” (to be politically correct:”The dawn of humankind”) whoever coined that hogwash of a statement never saw the real future approaching. Here was a creation, or chance conglomeration of cells, (however you want to look at it), that came complete with an undeniable self awareness. Pride and survival drove it forward along life’s endeavor. Species perpetuation took deep roots. Those meandering tendrils led down many paths, both of light, and of darkness. The scales were burdened with attributes from both extremes. The tipping to and fro was like a plodding metronome. The beat was never in any sync to say the least. Behavioral reactions have always kept humankinds existence “choppy”.

From our beginnings of experiencing the world immediately around us we have progressed to experiencing things as far away as the moon. (It’s sad we might not return there anytime soon.) We can feed some of our senses with sights and sounds from even farther reaches of the universe as well. From before recorded history we have been learners. From all we have learned across our existence we have amassed a leviathan of memories we could draw upon to guide our species onward. It’s a shame we can’t teach ourselves to behave. It’s a shame so many of us cannot learn the lessons about how to live together.

The corners of the Earth are shaking. Death is having a field day. Long ago we would not have even known about a lot of tragedies. Today the news force feeds us thru many funnels, a diet of horrors that desensitize us more and more each day. The metronome swings left and tidal waves level cities. The metronome swings right and, (insert something good here). Left again, someone tallies up all the wars currently going on. Right again, (insert something good here). Left again, some mental aberration has deposited another body next to a roadside. Right again, (insert something good here). Left again, damaged reactors spew radiation. Right again, (insert something good here). Left again, the polar icecaps are melting. Right again, (insert something good here). Left again, pirates capture a yacht and kill all hostages. Right again, (insert something good here). Left again and pollution threatens to shatter the food chain. Right again… The only thing good I can find at the moment on television are some humorous sitcoms, some cooking shows, a documentary on John Lennon, and some beautifully shot footage of nature in all of its (as of yet unspoiled?) glory.

It seems most news carries a heavy mental shock these days. Anything good seems simply designed to distract us from the maelstrom everyday life has become. The lines between horror and happiness are blurring. Society’s mental fortitude is slowly (?) twisting into a Maltese eyesore. Those who go against the grain of the storm keep up a good fight though. I for one have faith that good will win out eventually. That eventuality might be far off in some distant future, but it will be reached, eventually.

We enchanted ourselves with visions of a future with a shorter work week. We saw cheap or even free energy. We fed on promises from politicians and dictators alike of riches that would be ours to leisurely enjoy. Diseases were going to be cured. The enchantment of the future blossomed like a fat magnolia. Ivory towers rose unrestrained. Our eyes forward on the ‘prize’, we failed to notice how blind we really were until we were tripped.

Our technology has given us many wonderful things. The least of which is the medium you are now engaged in. Some diseases have been cured and cures are being promised for others. All the promises can’t be fulfilled though. Taxes and inflation seem to eat any and all concessions governments seem to reluctantly give out. Every one worries about being able to afford medical care that’s forced upon them while those doing the forcing enjoy coverage far beyond any the layperson can obtain. Fuel prices are soaring higher and stock markets are undulating wildly seemingly because of battles in odd corners of the world. Greed bumps our elbows as we try to count how much of anything we have left. We frown only to find we didn’t need to do so as our faces were already pretty much in the expression.

The ivory towers are still speeding away into new stratospheres. On the other side of that coin, poverty is breaking new ground every day. People are slipping along the cracks in both directions but most are still falling. Few rise above and most of those catch a lucky wave of industry or simply win the lotto. Hard work just doesn’t seem to pay off like it used to. I see a lot of people humping it every day that end up with little to show for it but the satisfaction that they did their best. The world has almost run out of rewards. Everyone is tightening their grip on what they have and cinching up their belts.

We were never blinded by all the promises for utopia. We were blinded by the words of aberrational humans who were blinded by either blurry-minded dreamers before them, or their own ignorance and narcissism. Some of those who gave us such promises simply twisted the dreams of those before them as if plucking meat from a chicken wing. Not until it was too late, in most cases, did we see they had snatched up a live bird. Their lips ran with blood and feathers we could not see for the charismatic words they blew thru the carnage. The world is still festering with such individuals. Spittle peppers our faces. They sorely need to be treated like the phlegm they are. We need to spit them into the dust. Isn’t it sad to see someone with good intentions berating their own species to change for the better? Does this sink in? Or, is the message lost among the crowd? Is it buried by the effect from freedom of expression? Be ‘good’ today. Do ‘good’ today. Wait for tomorrow and the world will only get worse.