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Image Here’s a little sweat, rant, spill, or whatever it’s called when you get things off your chest.

The air conditioner went out so I had to get a new one. There goes another monthly bill. I pulled the dead one out by myself and I’m a bit sore now, but I’m alright.

One good friend lost his eldest granddaughter on a car wreck. She was just 17. That was tragic. My heart goes out to his family.

Another good friends’ father has terminal cancer. Another tragedy as I’ve known them for so many years. My heart goes out to that family as well.

The water heater keeps turning off so I’ve been restarting it every so often as needed. It probably needs a new pilot and burner.

The dog sheds more than Garfield.

My knees hurt. The increase in Methotrexate has me bobble headed. It seems like I’m always picking up other peoples slack. When they forget to do something they turn to me to accomplish their task. Frankly I’m flattered, but after too many times from any singular person my flags do go up.

…but I’m alright…

I sometimes stop to ask myself why I’m so helpful to others. I don’t stop for long though. The world still needs me in whatever capacity I can hold myself up to. It’s not that I ‘need’ to feel ‘needed’. It’s that the world makes me feel that way.

I pay attention to a show on the tube so I don’t have to wonder what happened in a previous episode when a critical juncture is reached in the present episode. When I see people going ‘beetle-maniac’ as their show comes on, only to strike up conversation as soon as it starts, and then proceed to pepper the event with commentary and obtuse subject mattered talk, I’m admittedly a bit appalled. I know in reality that they are just watching the show to see their favorite actor(s) at work. Never mind the storyline.

And so, this morning started out with a few spikes of aggravation. I weathered them and then got a smile painted on when Glenda left a bit of lipstick on my right cheek. I’ll leave it there as long as I can as it does brighten my day. My body hurts as well as my heart.

…But I’m alright…