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The muses seem to have thrown the floodgates wide open again. I’m ever grateful, which is an easy emotion to assume while standing on top of eleven new songs. I like the direction things are going too. It seems like there’s a congruent theme across everything. It’s not limiting though. The lyrics are focused within each song. The music is still not as diverse as I want it to be but it’s working on some other level. I’m sticking with what I feel rather than what I want. Motifs are popping up everywhere and tying things together. My ‘proof-listening’ is relaxed and I’m enjoying it outright.

On the lyrical front I’ve traded off the exhaustive writing for music composing and arranging. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still writing lyrics but at a much lesser frequency. I’ve also jotted down very few titles in the last few months, perhaps only two or three.

The songs are getting shorter, maybe because I’m getting older, but the last one I finished is an exception at over nine minutes. The four to six minutes of improvisation on lead guitar at the end feel fluid and thought out. Take note here dear reader: with the exception of a handful of songs from my distant past, all my guitar solos are improvised in the studio with an extremely minimal amount of practice.

I’m holding at number two on the local reverbnation rock chart which is encouraging. Pop Rocks Ugly is in at number one. They are an awesome cover band! Opportunities keep knocking but I’m having way too much fun with what I’m doing to really slow down and divide my attention from everything that’s going on right now. I took a moment this morning and saw that a few new fans were labels that have compilations in the works. The fees are way too high though. Still worth it to see if they’d actually release something from me.

I miss A.O.G.MEDIA these days. That was an outfit that kept compilation admission fees low and delivered far and above, well beyond my expectations. I’m still enjoying the attention and long list of friends from all over the world that that affiliation gave me. That outfit ROCKED!