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That one emotional dam kept me from ever wanting to allow a thick, long needle to be inserted into my right knee. My youth was filled with horrid recollections of pain divulged to me from just about everyone. That you’d break out in a cold sweat, grit your teeth until they shattered, burst blood vessels, and even loose continence, seemed to be the norm for such a procedure.

Today, I am proud to say I have survived such a procedure. There was pain of course, but it was nowhere near what I expected. Dr. Olvera was not overtly persuasive. He did explain the procedure clearly however. My first reply was a stiff, “no”. After he outlined the anesthetic side of it all, I relented. It was a choice that I am happy to say paid off well. Enough fluid was drawn off for some much needed tests and a very comfortable ‘lubricant’ was injected into the joint. I am considering asking him to do the left knee when the time arrives. At this point in my life, I can tell it will come along eventually. I can easily say that I’d like the same procedure done on my right wrist and elbow as well, if that’s possible.

Life is a school of ‘hard knocks’. Sometimes what others go thru, and the way they relate their experiences tend to foster fear in us. We inevitably do the same things to others. Flamboyances of explanation color our daily lives and add flavors to every situation we find ourselves in. Such extrapolations are the byproducts of expansive vocabularies and without such contrivances our lives would be less of an adventure for sure.