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I recorded an instrumental the other day and another song with vocals. They both started out as I was looking over some lyrics submitted to me by a good friend. Those lyrics will end up in other tunes.

The project that occurred bifurcated into two completely new tracks. I was strumming away on the Telecaster getting the feel of it after some adjustments. I rocked out a bit with my friends’ words and now have a rough outline of where I want to take at least one set to.

After a short break I dialed the tone back and threw on a deep chorus and delay. Two click tracks later I laid the foundation for a somber set of chord progressions. After that was done I kicked the tone back to hard rock and laid a lead track down. The click I had settled on was discarded, the two guitars were then equalized and some lighter effects added as well. The mix was then bounced over to stereo tracks and a master suite was applied. That was the instrumental. Glenda seemed to approve.

On Sunday morning, the 30th, I went back in and used some of the same chord progressions from the instrumental to feel out a set of my own lyrics. After a bit of arranging I started the next song and in one day it was all tracked, mixed, and mastered. I took a break in the evening and told myself that I’d do the vocals on a later day. After very little thought I went back in anyway and did the vocals.

The two tracks have different titles and slightly different tempos. If I were a machine they would probably have come out too similar not to have a shared title like, “this song”, and “this song (instrumental version)”.

My skills at volume leveling are getting better as I figure out how to adjust the overall volume of my mixes all the way thru the mastering stage. That nasty specter of distortion is always nearby but the sliders are my best defense and they do a good job. As far as each take goes, I either slave over the initial capture, or just hit record when I ‘feel’ right. There are no set rules in making music other than recording something that feels right. So, all in all, I had a very good weekend! (This is clean compared to the mess in my mind!) Image