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Seven tracks in and the muses are flooding me with inspiration. Conceptualizations are just scratching at the windowsill so to speak but the journey is well underway. The final destination is not important so much as each step is a moment to plant memories.

My life has blessed me with a broad pallet in the way of gear to use for making music. Different electric guitars and different effects units in various combinations paint my sonic landscape in vibrant tones. My collection is less than eccentric but nostalgically functional. It breaks barriers somewhat in that I have only ever owned one bass guitar. That Fender Precision is no longer with me but I was never able to play it well anyway. My equipment still affords me a wide choice of bass tones thru two banks of synthesizers. Combinations of those work well together or alone.

One thing I have yet to do is to use small low powered amps to record guitar tracks. My collection includes a Fender Mini-Tone-Blaster, A Kustom 10watt, Fender 15watt, and a Peavey 25watt. All are unique in tone and after them there are the big boys which include a Crate 160watt head, Peavey 120watt combo (modified to 400watts), and an old Fender 65 twin reverb combo. Add a quaint microphone collection, shock mounts and stands and all that remains is the room acoustics to deal with.

The gear hog that I am is currently drooling over a few other small, low wattage amps. Bugera, Epiphone, and Blackstar, are a few that look promising. The adage, “less is more”, fully applies here. Too many bells and whistles can defeat the purpose of tone searching when it comes to these small packages of sonic dynamite. One watt of tube powered sound can give you all the qualities of a raging behemoth without the danger of high sound pressure levels. Always protect your hearing!

Last weekend I used the Crate stack along with the Fender 15watt and got a nice stereo sound form the unusual combination of power and speakers. Eight twelve inch speakers on one side from the solid state Crate and the one ten inch from the Fender made for an interesting mix. The stack was at a medium volume and the little Fender had no trouble keeping up.

The output to the amplifiers from the Boss effects unit is in true stereo left and right, and the subtleties really came out. Delays ping-ponged and choruses were extremely lush. Two Shure SM 57 microphones should capture that well. But of course I have a few other great options in the ‘mic’ department to try.

The adjustments I made to the telecaster are working out and I have yet to change the strings. It sings like a supersonic lark and yet softens up nicely like a cooing dove with a full gullet. It’s not as unforgiving as the Squire bullet until I’m reaching for high notes but the effort transgresses smoothly up the neck with no sudden changes. That last fret is a ‘must wringer’ with a plateau-like feel that pays off with emotional translation across the neck. This “C-note” axe feels like a “boutique board”.

One of my muses is messing about with the back burners of my ‘stove’. Something’s boiling over. I think it’s a concept. It looks very interesting, flavor-wise. Ooo, when they do that voodoo that they do.