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I’ve recorded seven rock ballads so far for my current project. This morning, now I’m wondering why I suddenly tracked out a driving hard rock song on Valentines Eve. What makes us do the things we do?

I awoke with a clear image of a chord progression in my mind. The pedal chord was a hybrid “B” higher up the neck. After I got out of bed I went and picked up the acoustic and played it thru two or three times for memory and to instigate more mental experimentation.

My plans for the day were simple. (Sounds like the opening for a novel, eh?) I planned to go to the mall and Target for Valentine’s Day gifts. I put on coffee, got the newspaper, downed a toasted ham sandwich and started my day. The mall was still closed but I knew what I was going to get. We guys are like that. Heart pendants were my prey at J.C. Penney. Chocolates were my prey At Target.

The whole morning, even as I was reading the paper, that chord progression was needling the back of my mind. Something was roiling off a far horizon with that muses’ meddling.

I was going to get an early start but then Glenda woke up wanting donuts. We were also almost out of toilet paper. So, off to Family dollar I went for the paper product. Then it was off to Shipley’s for donuts. After those errands I departed for the mall. I picked up two different heart pendants for my angels and then popped over to Target for cards and candy.

When I got home I presented the cards and chocolate. The jewelry was left in the truck for Monday. Daisy was making cupcakes and I had a couple of minis. My Valentines shopping done, I was ready for the rest of the day.

Glenda and I went to wash a load of clothes. We are still without hot water at home. I’m getting tired of boiling water to bathe but, you do what you got to do.

While clothes were washing, Glenda won two bears from Spiffys arcade crane. She got one bear she really wanted and then another and was happy with her eight dollar expenditure.

Finally we got home and by now it was 1:30Pm. I went into the studio and played with the chords and came up with a few different arrangements. I keep lyrics laid out everywhere and tried several before I found some that would work.

Dinner was ready after I’d gotten rhythm guitars done. These were four-tracked. That just means four guitars were recorded of me playing the same thing. I ate and then went back into the ‘cave’. By 10:00 Pm drums, bass, and a very rough ‘scratch’ vocal were done.

It’s now Valentine’s Day and I’ve left a gift bag next to the bed this morning with a beautiful heart pendant of gold and dark pink stones. I also left another bag where Daisy will find it when she awakes. It has a silver pendant with red stones.

Between music and everyday life, I hope I make enough of a difference in the lives of those around me. Happy Valentine’s Day Victoria!