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Muses are the angels of inspiration. They come in many forms. They assault our senses from every angle from the simply forthright to the completely unimaginable. That ‘wind in your sails’ that keeps you moving in any given direction from day to day is them. That gale that stops you in your tracks and pushes you back is them as well. There are no directions that they cannot steer you into. Your resistance is your choice and you must make a choice whenever they act upon you. Your reaction to any muse can be an action, or even inaction. No matter what you do there they are. The muses are always moving in some way.

In regards to their promptings, your ignorance staves them not in the least. They are concrete and intangible. They are solid and ethereal. They are the glint off the silver lining of clouds. They are the whispers, voices, and screams filling the space between heightened awareness and total unconsciousness. They are the echoes from nowhere and the thunder before the lightning. They are the tiniest spark in the darkest dark. They are the smallest speck of darkness in the brightest of lights.

Their intentions are to totally overwhelm yet they can be a subtle as a speck of dust falling on a pool of still water. At other times they can be as harsh as black holes colliding. Every degree between the extremes is a point they can attack from. Our souls are pincushions and they leave no point un-stabbed. They draw our blood and society reaps the inevitable product of their meddling. They instigate us to create and even when we deny them the credit they take no offense. The just keep doing what they do to inspire.