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All is fair in love and music. Let’s say you have a rather heated argument with your ‘better half. What muses are there to goad you on thru a soul-search? It can be your soul or theirs. What really matters is how far you are willing to go to profess your true inner feelings.

If you start out with the music, how angry can you get it to sound? If you start out with the words, how far are you really willing to go to ‘get the point across? Or, how much do you really want to say and how deep do you want to try and hide what you really feel?

The pallet used or creating music is always as expansive as you want it to be. Different instruments will give you different emotional weight. Composing the music and words into something cohesive is the trick. You can put it all on your sleeve with loud screaming guitars and a booming rhythm section. You could also hide it all behind a façade of soft guitars and keyboards. When the words come in the listener will have to interpret whatever it is you have to say. As always, what you say and how you say it can make all the difference in the end.

No relationship is perfect no matter what you think. Glenda and I have had our arguments, but we get thru them and move on. To date I have yet to pen anything derogatory about her in any way. The most scathing lyric about her is as of yet unfinished and begins with, “She may not be royalty, but her feet don’t touch the ground”, (go figure).

On the other hand I have written quite a few tunes about people who in my opinion, (and that’s all it is), deserved every passage in its full weight. I’ll not slap a bunch of links here for your perusal. I’m no salesman of my own wares and discovery is part of the magic of music that I still believe in. You have a rightful freedom to discover me however and whenever you wish, so have fun. Suffice it for me to state clearly that a great deal of the songs I have written, I have emotionally ‘lived’ to the fullest.