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When I was writing with Legasys we were all young and full of bravado. I’m sure all of us still hold to that truth, scattered about as we are. We wrote about the world from our viewpoint. There were lambasts of war, politics, love, hate, life, death, and of course rocking like there was no tomorrow. Well, tomorrow showed up and we slammed into it face first without a care for our bloodied noses. We shattered slowly and debris spread out silently in huge barreling hulks. The only thing that survived is the memory of the music we had made together. To date, it lives on in the hearts of four guys from a little town called Bloomington, several other musicians who filled in from time to time, and a few who became extended members of the band. It also lives on in the memories of those who gallantly chose to call themselves ‘fans’.

I could sense that the people who made up the audiences wanted something more from the local music scene. We gave them what we could in our short moment in their sun and that feeling has never left me. It was a mental embrace that gave us more than it took while feeling exactly the opposite. The times have changed and whoever our fans were they have certainly found some other ‘sound’ to follow as there is no shortage of new musical genre out there.

The member of Legasys I talk to the most these days is vocalist Joel Lopez. He’ll call up and throw some lyrics at me usually, and they are always just as good as anything he ever wrote way back when. On occasion he has called me in the presence of old friends and I’ve talked to them after a phone pass. The memories of what Legasys did as a band are still there and even when these old friends laud Kid Rock or some other notable artists, they still have some nice platitude to inject about Legasys. It always feels good to hear such praise. It also feels good to burn Joel a few CDr of old Legasys studio work and practice tapes. He gives them away to friends and family and there seems to be no end of people asking him for more, I’m happy to oblige too.