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Reality isn’t the egg in the bowl. Reality is the wire whisk moving in to do its job. Reality is the now useless shell, discarded. Reality is the fact that the egg will now become something else. Granted, the same stuff is there along with a few extra ingredients, but now that egg will become something with another name such as, omelet, scramble, crepe, hollandaise, or kitsch.

Reality beats us into froth. The air that fills out our volume is called experience. Seasonings are wisdom sprinkled in either liberally or sparingly. We are still the delicate egg when we splash into the hot pan, plop onto the griddle, or slosh into the tin. Fried, boiled, or baked we emerge as something more than what we started out as. We are still ‘egg’ but, life and reality have added nuances to our flavor.

Reality rips us apart and we have to pull ourselves back together. Our new form will inevitably be different. We struggle to keep from being changed too much but life has a way of changing us nonetheless. We go inexorably into the future and evolve every step of the way. Who we become, in comparison to who we started out as, is all but guaranteed to be incomparable.