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Resolutions? Not this time. Things to do? Sure! Celebrated? Just enough.

We welcomed 2011 with the somber air of a hearty exhale for 2010. Just having made it thru the year was of course a blessing itself. Our memories, complete with emotional baggage spanning the full spectrum, glistened like late afternoon sunlight off of the final turn of a revolving door.

Adieu, we bid, to many faces, to many places, and to too many things. Melancholy held us back and shoved us forward at the same time. Each tick of the clock became louder and louder as the final seconds of 2010 ran out. The last grain exploded atop the pile in the bottom of the hourglass. Throngs of strangers felt connected, and were. The world took its first breath of 2011. And held it long enough to form resolutions. There are now less than 364 days left to bring those promises to fruition. Good luck.

May the muses stir the soup in my head into a frothy concoction of images, sounds, and words worth thinking, speaking, and singing.