Blogs » Musings On Muses » First Step Into The New Day


We bathe in the light of a new day. The embers of yesteryear waft away on melancholy breezes. We re-learn the act of balance with our first step into the unknown. We slide thru the mist of our own creation. The sweet warm drops hang in the air from when we broke the surface into today.

Are we comfortable in the fruition of our resolutions for ourselves? Are we at ease with our regards for tomorrow? Whatever today may bring will steel us for tomorrow. Whatever tomorrow brings will shape us by mixing with yesterday and today. If life had a warning label it would read: “Stir with wisdom only!”

We each carry our own backpack full of memories, sorted to our own perfections, or lack thereof. Whether loaded neatly or crammed arbitrarily in, we heft it with steadfastness. Each step under our chosen burdens is made with sincerity. Each stride is a chance we take. Each step is a phase we must navigate. Each time a foot leaves the ground it pulls along the dust of prayers made long before we arrived at “that” point.

We have wings of feather, and of leather. Each feather is a memory designed specifically to catch the air of the future a certain way. Each sinuous membrane vibrates in the slipstream of time. We flex both tools in purposeful gradients, attacking the breeze of today and biting for that perfect push into tomorrow. The feathers are white with strong vanes and gossamer base-tufts. The leather is simply resilient, opaque, and shining, like charcoal fresh out of the bag.

Sleep beckons with all its inevitability and we relinquish all control to realms without consciousness. Our feet leave the ground and we fly. Heavy thoughts mutate into surrealistic flows we might not remember come sunrise. Solutions form in dark corners that pulsate with unknown yet vibrant colors. We thrive in ignorance accepting our course within like hunted butterflies. We lose ourselves in skies we cannot describe and go blind when we awake. Echoes melt away as we wipe the sleep from our eyes. Our bag of memories seems just a bit heavier as we take the first step into the new day.