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Life approaches like a Bengal tiger thru the bamboo. You can clamp down on your emotions but even under control they still act like guardrails for your actions.

Wisdom comes complete with many side effects. One of them is emotional control at the surface of personality. With that attribute you can appear stoic to the world as the turmoil within rages like a Jovian storm.

Keeping it all inside might get you thru any given circumstance but eventually you will have to ‘let it all out’. Any time of solitude is as good a time as any to do this. If you’re lucky you’ll have a companion with whom you can ‘share your feelings with’. After ‘venting’ your emotions you might have an epiphany, or not. In any case the tiger will breech the bamboo again sooner or later.

Songwriters and maybe writers in general, don’t just write pieces or stories for the sake of stringing words together. From my own personal experiences my soul drags itself thru each piece like a plush blanket thru a mud puddle. There are no pieces I’ve done to date that I have not had some deep and meaningful connection with on some level. Be it a fleck off a daydream or a hard lesson life has taught me, imparting at least a microgram of my soul into my creations is a must. Not using such things is artistic failure. Not using them with wisdom is blasphemy.

When the juices of creation are raging like a flash flood it can’t be helped that rocks and boulders of soul will be picked up and carried along. Those chunks will leave their mark as they tumble along the synapses that lead thru the mind and eventually to the pen hand or typing fingers. When the ‘waters’ subside a reading back along what has come to fruition will be like backtracking along an old familiar highway. Editing wisdom might weigh heavy on one shoulder while flagrant audacity trampolines on the other. Whatever might the world might think of you for creating such a thing? Provocativness is a two edged sword that must be wielded with some caution and proclivity.

Whatever you write, record, and release becomes a thing hung up high for all to see. The world at large will not be able to keep from judging you by what you give them. Once given to the world, you can never take these things back. Legally you can retract them from the public but in actuality you can never physically remove them from the possession of any human being who has added them to their ‘collection’.

Feel free to pity the artist who staunchly says things such as, “That’s not what I meant”, “That’s no longer what I believe”, or, “That wasn’t me”, “I’m the victim here!” Fans don’t always need explanations and the world in general is always a dangerous place to expose your soul. The faith with which I take every creative leap is one of the many facets of my soul that I will never relinquish to any government, religion, or other form of life. I have more faith in having fun than I do in professionalisms. I do the math from every point of view I can think of but in my mind, wisdom and ‘math’ rarely mix. I ignore the sweat on my brow and concentrate on locating the growl. It would be nice to know exactly where it’s coming from, proactively speaking.