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It is my intention to inspire. I fully and wholeheartedly strive to motivate hearts to feel and minds to think. I know where I’m coming from when I write songs or stories, even when I dabble in eccentric sciences, social or otherwise. I know the object(s) of my fixation and where I want to thread to, and from. The mystery to me is wherever anyone might go mentally on one of my creations. Does that make me a muse? Is the concept of the muse a pay it forward situation? I’d rather think the possibilities are endless in regards to the reactions of hearts and minds.

We are free to think and feel what we wish in America. Expressing whatever that might be is also allowed. We are also free to express whatever reactions we might have to whatever another person expresses. Tit for tat has evolved into a blinding event of wits that escalates at the speed of light. Luckily, a lot of attention spans are shorter these days. Such freedom leaves us wide open to infiltration though. Enemies hide in plain sight. It’s fully appalling to me when people are surprised by tragedies that are borne on the wings of freedom. Expressing religion however seems to be under attack for all the wrong reasons and there is never any reason to attack any religion.

We are free to seek higher education. We are free to learn anything we need. So too are our enemies, free to come here and ‘learn’. Common sense died a horrible death long ago. When a teenager learns how to build a bomb from a library book, or on the internet, something is broken. When anyone is free to arm themselves and stroll casually into massacre, something is broken. When the prophets of doom speak in somber tones and every one of them is right, something is broken. America has become an empire and empires historically reach a zenith, and fall. At least we are all free to do our best to survive.

The world at large is free to come to America and bathe in freedom, and it does. We tolerate the mass migrations from many places where an errant opine can cost you your life. We are an open lot, us, Americans. We don’t like to hide ourselves from public view. We also don’t like those who hide themselves from our eyes. We do tolerate the superstars and hermits eccentricities, and even respect that some people have phobias that make them secretive. We Americans are still a brave lot. We hold our chins high as we walk along. We know that we pass our enemies everyday on the sidewalk. Pro-activity towards them is something we leave to our leaders. Reactivity to their actions is our chosen proclivity.

When animals migrate, they know no borders. They only know where they’re going and just maybe why. When humans migrate (immigrate, I should say), they cross invisible borders, know where they’re going, where they’re coming from, and why. Animals don’t have to change much to go to the winter feeding grounds, but they do. Some people think they don’t have to change when they come to America, but they must. America is a place that has the power to change souls. Those changes might not always be for the better but nonetheless, they are ‘changes’. No human being can go to a new place and not be changed unless they have no good intentions from the outset of their journey.

Where will the muses be when tragedy strikes? When hearts and minds break into regolithic flows, when lament is the only sound besides the wind, when “I told you so” echoes from a forgotten, past and still shatters eardrums, they will still be there indeed. They will always nudge free thinkers forward into the future, uncertain as that future may be. They will still wail their silent screams into eager synapses. They will always be the sustenance of dreamers. The will always be the honeydew of paradises on the edge of fruition. They will always be the breath that tips the scale so we can watch it oscillate. With a soft sigh, or with a tectonic wing-beat, they will scatter the dandelion-like seeds of dreams into the wind and bid you to ‘look’ with your heart. What you make of what you see will be up to you.