‘Corners’, those places many of us seem to ‘paint’ ourselves into repeatedly. They’re easy to get into and most often, realization is summarily delayed. That clean and easy stroll ends with us trapped in a situation that we can only egress from by creating a bigger mess. All four sides of that ‘standing-room-only’ place, floor, ceiling, and both walls, are soon bemired by our ignorant struggle in the paint we’ve hemmed ourselves in with. Advice might come at us but the flavors run the gamut. We take what we think might work, but always in our own way, until epiphany barges in to show us how to give up.

On the way out we ‘plop’ thru the hues that got us there. Then have to live with the trail we’ll leave behind. Only time can dry those colors we’ve mixed. Only time can fade their florescence. Only time can ablate the tints from our skin. The echoes of the tastes might last the rest of our lives, or we can dive into ignorance and denial, forgetting by our own right to do so, what we have done, who we have hurt, even if it’s only ourselves, pride and all.

The rocks against which we, inadvertently or not, dash ourselves, is a favored frolicking ground for muses. Their indirect taunts needle from our sub consciousness and into the light of our mental storming. Our fixation is more often on other things but they are always there. Like wild winds whipping the reins against our efforts to steer, like stirrup straps refusing to flex at our prodding, they are there, screaming silently into the depths of our temperament.

It’s an easy thing to do, drowning in those corners of darkness. If we ever surface again into the light we are left with scars. Whether shallow or deep, that damage seeds our character to the core. Whatever the muses have whispered into our synapses will be sage advice, empowered to guide us into and thru interpretations of our experiences.

We are all freely obligated to share ourselves with the world, or not. The more novel the expression of our individuality, the more likely it is that the world will addict itself to what we have to offer. Even if only for mere moments, that attention stabilizes the rung we are on as we reach for the next on the ladder of life.