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From the individuals point of view the evolution of wisdoms is a cascade of precedents arrived at thru finalistic realizations. When any given wisdom matures into a part of our accumulating knowledge it does so like an ingot of cooling metal. Some of it might slag off and sections of the whole might distort as settling occurs. The chaotic seas of the ocean of our lives leap up to dash our forming wisdoms with tempering waves. The resulting mettle becomes another block in the foundation of our character. The memory of how we arrived at any given wisdom becomes the ceramic against which we sharpen our souls.

Wisdom is like a snowball flung down a dirty mountain. The snowflakes are memories but more often than enough many more things stick into the conglomeration. Human beings rarely age as pristine amalgams. Ask any wizened elder the right question and you become the sun that gives birth to the comets tail. You don’t have to be old to be wise but the longer you live the more time you have to earn respect for the wisdom you achieve.

Wisdom can dictate actions. Actions can result in wisdom. The two are like dance partners. Any music might do but then again the music is only background noise. The dance floor is covered in jacks and both are barefooted, light on their toes, and locked in a blind gaze. Step left, spin right, step right, spin left while a bouncing ball follows no rhythm and each dancer can only hold so many jacks in hand.

The older generation looks at the younger generation in silence. Wisdom prevents comment. The unspoken truth is that when the young get far enough along in years it is highly hoped they will gain the wisdom they can only ‘think’ they have right now.

The bravado of the young is more often false than legitimate. From their perspective however, they’ve already mastered life and whatever it might assault them with. They profess themselves bulletproof against reality. They swing themselves about as if they were stainless blades that never dull. Let the years sneak up and offer them the worn out bodies they will eventually earn. One of action’s many secret dance partners is pain.

Actions of immediacy bind our minds with blinders. We force ourselves to focus on any point along a tangent of extremes. Wisdom folds back the obstructions and we look at a bigger picture. With a little patience we can take it all in. With a little impatience we can block it all out. Making the right choice is all about wisdom and courage. You have to figure out for yourself what mixture of the two to employ. Your eventual action will result in your eventual wisdom. And about all that background noise, that’s just your band of muses whipping themselves up into a raging rhapsody, just for you.