Blogs » Musings On Muses » Love, Hate, And Arrows


We can be inspired by both the people we love and the people we hate. I’ll be the first to tell you that hate is never a good emotion to have to deal with, but life throws its arrows without regard for our sensitivities. We inevitably file the two camps of acquaintances respectively into our minds just outside of our subconscious. We also keep them at bay with ‘buttons’. These are pressure sensitive to each individual’s specifications and are guaranteed to get ‘pushed’ sooner or later.

Some of the most powerful emotional reactions have been instigated by love and hate. Sharing such strong feelings with the world is a way to vent the frustration, and release the tension of the moments that mold us. I have been guilty of wearing my heart on my sleeve many times. Working it out of my system may not always be the best thing to do, may not always be a successful endeavor, but not doing so goes against my character.

I have exalted those I love with poems, drawings, stories, and songs. I’ve also struck blows against those I hate with the same creative media. Love driven creativity is something the world needs more of. Creativity driven by hate is most often unwelcome but sometimes it hits an emotional soft spot like nothing else can.

When artists are flying on emotional adrenalin they tend to do things with extreme aggression. In the heat of the moment new rhythms, rhymes, colors, shapes, and anything else being produced takes on special meaning. Love and hate are like wild stallions and artists are hell-bent on breaking the beasts. Spontaneity breeds exponentially as freedom of expression explodes into a tidal wave of output. Is the world a better place for all an artist can give from the soul? Only the audience can answer that, and only after giving scrutiny to whatever the artist is expressing.

When the smoke clears, if it ever does, the artist stands bear breasted before the world. The tension builds as the wait for the first arrow begins. The first shaft to arrive will most probably have been launched without much thought. Many such bolts are sure to come. Out of all the responses the world might give the artist looks keenly for one with a positive intention. One complimentary arrow can displace a million derogatory ones. It can also mean the difference between feeling it was all a waste of time, or a worthwhile absolution.