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Joel, the vocalist from Legasys, dropped by for a visit the other day. We sat and listened to the nine new songs I have finished. Then he brought out a CDr I had made for him a few months ago. It has the only existing studio work we did while Legasys was together. I have also put the only known live performance and some practice sessions I salvaged from old cassettes a long time ago on the same disc. He had already passed out the bulk of what I had given him and had really yet to give a close listen to what was on the disc.

His face lit up when he realized what he had. We played the whole thing thru and reminisced about the old days. We talked about the writing processes we went thru for each song. Who wrote what, the ways we collaborated on certain sections, and even asked ourselves, “Where on earth did we come up with some of the ideas?”

We even covered the battle scars of life. I gave out some advice I think he really needed on some level. There we were ‘two aging metal-heads’. Fame passed by long ago but the spirits with which we made our music have not dimmed in the least. He still writes lyrics and I still write and record.

He sat there and sang along with my new stuff and seemed to like it. He gave me insight into details of what I had created. He could hear the words well enough to repeat each line directly after it played. Guitar lines seemed to move him as well. My gratitude to him for listening went unsaid but, his approval for the new material was more than enough absolution for me. As for the rest of the world, acceptance there can always wait for another day.