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A couple of days ago I finished up the final touches on the first hard driving tune I’ve recorded in months. After burning it along with the other seven tracks I’ve finished so far I proceeded to listen to the batch repeatedly. This is a must. I have to hear things like volume levels, distortion, sound mix, subject matter, and any hidden things that might lie across a broad spectrum where music is concerned. I play them back just the way they come of the hard-drive, or hit random and just listen for a day or two. This is the early stage of determining the order in which songs will be placed on an album.

Just last night, after work, though still on call, Glenda and I went to pick up Gizzards for her and Daisy and a burger and fries for me. (Yes, I’m a carnivore, ‘omnivore’ actually!) In any case, I played the new guitar riddled piece and she gave it a higher than usual praise saying, “That’s pretty good.”

After the swelling went down, or rather as we headed back home with hot food, I reflected on her comment and began to look forward to the next session in the studio. How do I top the last tune? The question is par for the course. I’m confident that the muses have something great in store. If they don’t, I’m the last person that would be disappointed. They’ve been way too good to me for too long not to take a break now and then.

On the medical front I’ve started on methotrexate. (UUGH!) No alcohol allowed during use of this chemical. My Dr. said I could have one or two drinks a week but after reading up on the stuff I can abstain. It’s primarily a cancer fighting drug but is used for a few other things. Arthritis is one. My dosage is 2.5 Mg. once a week (Oops! 12.5Mg) and this compound is strong.

It’s been four days and I wake every morning feeling like I’ve drank all night. There’s a slight wooziness but nothing too extreme for me. During my research I read that some people mistakenly took it each day and ‘died’. I’ll call in about the side effects and see if I can get the good Dr. to try something else. Prednisone seems to work fine. Long term and low dose is my best guess, but then again, I am not the doctor.

Correction :( My first symptoms turned out to be a spat of the flu. Next week I took the prescribed 5 pills and didn’t feel a thing! Thank goodness!)