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An old friend of mine had formed an independent media company some years ago. He promoted bands from all over the world and even had an artist from New York come down for a mini tour in the crossroads area. His hard work gave voice to many acts around the world and from even me any expression of gratitude towards him would be insufficient. Sadly, that company is now out of business. Even though, the bonds formed between most of the affiliated artists will last for years to come.

On a happier note, the mastermind behind A.O.G. MEDIA is still in the music business. I’m looking forward to his next release as well as sharing my own efforts with him in the future.

In the past I have assisted A.O.G. whenever possible. I have memories of video shoots for that entity as well as for myself. Without that company I would most likely not have any videos in my catalogue to speak of.

There are also the collaborations with other artists that were fostered by A.O.G. Media. Those endeavors are proof that there is an enormous amount of talent not only the world over but right here in the crossroads area as well.

I learned a lot about the music industry from the head of A.O.G. MEDIA. There are still many of those lessons that I have yet to put into practice. The best part about it all is that the lessons were clear and concise. My focus on the future and what I should do to move forward towards any success is sharp. One thing for sure is that there are no guarantees. If success happens I’ll be ready. If it never materializes, that’s still alright by me.

I make music. I enjoy doing so. Recording is a high that feels far better than any drug. Each time I record a song I learn something new about the process. The first rule will always be that there are no rules. One thing done today a certain way might sound better done another way tomorrow. The ebb and flow of muses is the wellspring for my spontaneity, and come what may, the waters of inspiration mixed with the waters of music, must flow.