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Image Flexing the imagination is great exercise for the mind. In my case it opens up vast playgrounds upon which anything simply thought of can be created. However, not all the energies go towards things that do not exist. I often contemplate the Voyager and Pioneer spacecraft on their lonely one way journeys out of the solar system. Their structures are as concrete images in my mind. Had they sentient thoughts, I wonder what those contemplations might be. What are they feeling besides the cosmic wind?

It’s easy for me to put myself in their place and calmly take in the vista. With their better ‘eyes’ I can see stars, galaxies, and nebulae clearly in extreme detail. I can ‘feel’ the impact of micro-particles, infrequent as they occur, out here in the vacuum.

Gusts of solar radiation remind me of one particular yellow star far behind. On my side is a message I carry. With any luck it will outlive the yellow star and every planet that orbits it, even the little blue one I came from. Should I ever encounter another civilization; my task will be completed when they discover me. Even if they never look at the plaque or play the record, they might still glean my origins, as alien as I am. By that time Sol will no longer exist. With any luck back there, the race that created me and my sister craft will have found a way to move out amongst the other stars and survive. That is of course if they don’t destroy themselves or be destroyed first. The universe is a very dangerous place.

For now, I am the fastest thing humankind has ever flung away from itself. I will die long before I can no longer hear the whispers of home on the electromagnetic spectrum. Will any of my capacitors maintain a charge? I do not know. I will broadcast my faint signals back home until I no longer have the capability to do so. My farewell will slowly fade as I travel farther and farther away. Shed your somber tears for me Mother Earth. My own electronic tears will be the last to be shed for you many eons from now. I promise you that I will cry them with my last expenditures of power.