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In response to a fellow bloggers post:

When I was much younger I watched a lot of public TV. On one occasion I saw an old African American man with tired eyes recite a poem about dope. He eloquently lined out all the ways dope made you feel good, invincible, took away all your problems, and more. He really sold the idea of dope as something enjoyable but his soft demeanor about it all was a deceptively veiled sarcasm. As he wove his words thru the subject of drug use it sounded like getting high was easy and consequences were things no one need care about. At the end he paused and tilted his head forward slowly, keeping his eyes straight at the camera. The last word of his poem was uttered with fierce conviction in a guttural shout and his face contorted into fiery anguish. His last word was like an oversized nail sealing the lid of a coffin. At the top of his lungs he yelled, “SUCKA!!!!!” The picture froze with his face slightly blurred and slowly faded out with still-fade credits.

That one moment should have deterred me from ever getting high. It was, and still is, the most powerful anti-drug message I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. It was shocking. It scared me way down past the bone. Sadly I cannot remember the poets name to this day. I think his poem was about heroin.

On 3-5-2011 at 11:00 pm I read a blog by SugarMagnolia. It was called “DOPE” and as I read it and readers comments, I was reminded of that old poem from long ago. I left my respective comment and began to ask myself what went wrong with me.

I’m lucky to have survived “dope”. Many aspects of my life did not. I hit the wall in turn three at full speed. Don’t you ever feel sorry for me! I’m the only one responsible for this ‘disaster-piece’. As near as I can guess, it took me twenty-five years to learn the lesson that old man was trying to teach.

In my words:

Dope glows like the bright lights of the night. Reel in the smiles and trust every baggie to make you feel alright.

Dope takes the pain away and lets you fly as far as you want to. Never you mind your problems of the day. Dope too, takes them away.

You’ll laugh far more than you’ll cry as you kiss all of your money goodbye. Friends and family will evaporate behind a gossamer veil of your lies.

You’ll be so proud of yourself. You’ll know so well, you don’t need anybody else. Being alone won’t make you cry, as long as you can get high.

You won’t have to think, even as your body begins to stink. Just make sure you get to the next hit. Come up long enough for it, and then sink.

Dope loves you, so keep shoveling it in my ‘sista’. Keep shoveling it in my ‘brotha’. Dope don’t hurt one bit, you’ll get used to it….


Jose’ Diaz (inspired by life)

You wanna know about dope? Feel free to step up to me on any street. I got a story you ain’t neva gonna forget!

Words of wisdom?: "What I did yesterday may make me who I am today, but what I do today will make me a better person tomorrow." ~Jose' Diaz~ 3-7-2011-7:39am