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My muses were a bit quiet last night. I had the evening off and after dinner with Glenda and a trip to Hastings I went into the studio and picked up the ‘telecaster’. I warmed up the digits with some slow ‘fiddling around’. After a while I went to the lyrics stacks and started to try and fit something together. One particular set of words stood out and try as I might, after an hour or so of arranging I still had not ‘put it all together’.

The choruses felt good but the verse and pre-chorus were both too close to other songs in structure and chord changes. I tried from the warm-up even to stay in a strange key, “B minor” I think, and the emotional strength of the story really soared on the chorus. In the end I gave up trying and began to jump back and forth between blaring lead improvisation and slow articulated clean/wet, soft rhythm work. On the chorus alone I was satisfied with what I finally got to. The rest will need a lot of re-working. The back burner got another work in progress added to it.

I did all this wearing headphones. The stereo effect of the effects processor is awesome so I always enjoy it best either between the cans or with two separate amps going. I rarely record guitars in stereo but the last tune I finished had a scratch rhythm guitar in stereo. I later re-recorded four rhythm guitars and mixed those down to left and right panned tracks. It’s not true stereo but the panning gives a wide sound to the tracks. The scratch of course was not used but is still there on the hard-drive. I save every take I can and back up the data so I can re-load the entire sessions and re-work the tunes at a later date if the muses attack.

I don’t think my muses are exclusive to me. In fact, I’m pretty sure they have many other places to be at any given time. I’m also sure that they need a break from me as much as I need a break from them from time to time. I think they heap inspiration on my mind before they traipse off. Once the seeds of ideas are scattering about my brain, it’s up to me as to where they land and what sprouts forth. That chorus is like an orchid of familiar colors but with fresh schemes on each petal. The paint is still wet though and there are a lot of new colors to mix and incorporate into the sonic image.