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(From 3-15-2011)

It feels good to finish that tenth album of tunes. The cover art is still in the works but I’m in no rush whatsoever. There is of course no budget to speak of and so there are no deadlines to keep and no outside stress to deal with.

The last few tracks were finished as I was nursing a sore throat and head cold. My horrible voice sounds different but maybe the ‘rasp’ has added something my vocals always lack. The new telecasters, along with the Squire bullet, have lent their tones to some takes that were satisfying to do, to say the least. As always, it has been a fun jaunt.

How this latest project will be received is anybody’s guess as usual. If it gets any attention I’ll be happy. If it flounders in the woodwork, that’s fine by me as well. It is after all, me in a sandbox kicking up a storm. I enjoy my toys and as long as I can do that, I’m content to go thru each day wearing whatever hats I choose to wear at any given moment.

I’m a composer who does not write down sheet music because I never learned proper music theory. I’m a studio engineer without a plan, or too many rules to follow. I’m a graphics artist without a degree who draws very little these days but holds on to the memories of my artwork of the past. I’m a promoter of myself in the loosest sense of the word. I’m a novice in the digital arena who does a lot of the little things everyone else does without much fanfare to my actions on the web. I’m also a normal guy with a great girlfriend of many years. I wear each hat with a pinch of pride and when any of the music ones go on I enter my own little universe. I’m humbled by each job I choose as I change hats often. There are many times when I must wear more than one hat at a time. It’s like diving down a few miles of concrete stairs. As long as I land on my feet at the bottom, things are alright. And when I don’t, things are still alright.