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Life is a finite journey. Our parents are blessed by our presence as they give us the blessing of our birth. We are nurtured from infancy and doted over ceaselessly. Our every need is met by parents who take on the task with little guidance and even less of an instruction manual. They rear us with good intentions and whatever wisdom their lives have endowed them with by that point along their journey. We are in their care. They feed us, clothe us, and clean us as well as clean up after us. Without parents, or at least one parent, no child would survive very long. Parents do everything for us that we cannot do for ourselves yet.

One great joy in life is to be able to watch your children grow. From their first cries, first words, first steps, and so on, we are submerged in everything our children do. Even when they reach the age where disciplining becomes necessary, there’s nothing they can do to make us stop loving them. They seem intent on wearing us out but one thought back to day one and all our misgivings melt away.

We parents are tasked with ‘keeping an eye on our kids’. Our fears of what the world can do to them as well as what they might be able to do to themselves are the fires of daily life that temper our souls into the mettle of wizened character. All the “I told you so”, and “If you don’t learn now you’ll still have to learn the hard way”, laments we meter out to them seem to fall on deaf ears, but they do hear us.

Life is a finite journey. It’s a circle of events that begins with an individual in need of care and usually ends up with an individual in need of care. We are ushered in, in much the same manner, as we are ushered out. Every ‘usher’ is a true blessing to the ‘ushered’.

If you can understand this post then you most probably had the fortune to be raised by a human being. If you are blessed enough to be able to hear some of the stories about your rearing, then take those stories to heart and learn them well. They are the wisdoms of tasks that you may yet have to perform for those near the completion of their circuit here on Earth. Specifically, I mean that you may have to become the caregiver for those who cared for you from the day you were born. It will most likely not be an easy task. You were small enough to carry for a time years ago. In the future your charge or charges will be considerably larger. The task will however be pretty much the same.

It’s not a dirty job or a demeaning one either. It’s an obligation to help a loved one thru their final days with as much dignity as you can give them. It’s a task of respect powered by love. Not one second of your time will be a waste. Remember, nine months before you were born it was already decided that you were not a waste of time, so, you already owe more than a lifetime in that department. Always be prepared to pay that forward, the opportunity will eventually arrive.