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Life is fragile. If you let it get to you, then you may also become ‘fragile’. Inner strength is something we build up as much of as we can as we grow older. It’s a part of our character that we lock in place with mental chains and binders made of emotions and memories. Wisdom tempers those stabilizers and we take the heaviest loads life can offer with confidence. The weight limit of our minds is always an unknown. One thing that has never shaken us in the past can suddenly become the ‘final straw’ that shatters us like a plate of glass hit with a truck. In opposition to that, things that we know will destroy us can sometimes have little or no affect.

Part of the equipment on the playground of muses, are ‘problems’. Muses use them like any other tool, or toy, to inspire. Problems are simply another batch of exotic colors on the pallet of life and muses employ their infinite supply of brushes, and knives to attack the canvas of our minds.

At the onset, a problem certainly could not be identified for the ‘muse’ it may be. Problems get our attention (hopefully to be solved), and being inspired by them to create anything more than a solution is pretty much wishful thinking until we’ve had time to react. Pro-activity, in its anticipatory and much lauded capacity still only sees the ‘problem’ approaching and not any possible muse. Will you see the problem coming? Will it surprise you? What if it never even arrives? What does it really matter, other than the problem being just that, a problem, when muses have all of ‘your’ lifetime to get thru to you in some way?

Did you see it coming? Did it surprise you? Did it arrive or not? Once the critical juncture is passed hindsight is our pause wherein muses blossom their influence. It might be subtle, strong, or anything in between. We might miss it totally, get it totally, or any level of comprehension in between might take place. Whatever muses move in with, we will take their cue(s) with us into the future. We might develop an idea instantly, or maybe not for many years. It might take a few dreams to really set it off. It may take a single night’s sleep with no dream(s) or memories of dream(s). Once the energy is spent into our minds the reflections and echoes of random thoughts flit about like so many sparks. Our day to day thoughts are rivulets of accelerant. Eventually, thought and spark will meet and muses will warm themselves by the fires of sweet eureka.