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Sometimes inspiration hangs right in front of us. We miss it too easily because we are focused more on the big picture than the little things. Think of everyone you know right now. Wonder about where they are, what they might be doing. Ask yourself a few questions about them. Catch that wave of inevitable memories and go for a ride!

We all have to deal with problems sooner or later. As we do so we often become blind to the inspiration that can easily accompany tribulation. As we hammer away to fix things our muses get batted away. Rest assured, they will flit in again to pester our minds, eventually.

Some time ago a person very dear to me ran into troubled times. I could only offer the best advice I could muster. They’d painted the floor and I had not the resources to plod thru those colors. They dropped off the grid, so to speak, and I haven’t seen them in years.

A few weeks ago I found the time in an otherwise hectic day to take a much needed deep breath. I stretched my mind into a sigh and discovered a moment that mirrors the first paragraph above. Memories of them were complete with images and words. One phrase that stood out was, “It’s like I’m always falling and rising, over and over.”

Well, I took that inspiration which was right in front of me for so long and turned it into a song. (here is a link if you'd like to hear the song:

In the end, it wasn’t like excising a demon or blight; it was more like watching a paper airplane tumble away from a mountain top. You never took your eyes off of it and kept nudging mentally for it to catch air. Patchy clouds rolled in and obscured things but then, somewhere beyond the final moment of hope, you saw it speed away unscathed and aiming for distance. “Way to go.” “Way to go!”