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Death is always a tragedy. It’s even more so when children are involved. My heart goes out to all the families of those who were murdered in Connecticut. My opinion is that this tragedy was the result of one gun owners’ failure to maintain a proper level of responsibility. For those mistakes many have paid a price too high. The “knee-jerk” reaction reverberating thru our government might possibly exact an even higher price on this entire country.

(Here is a rare political piece I feel I need to bring to light.)

I can sense the pulse of the world as it lumbers up towards an unknown crescendo. The idiot box keeps its RPMs deep in the red. The same stories are almost fully repeated as if we haven’t already heard. The few truly new details are slathered on a mental sandwich with slices of image and tangles of heart strings. Even if we don’t want a bite, our ears chew away.

Take our guns away? All because those with mental aberrations slaughter the innocent I ask? We are not sheep! Laws do not, and can never, fully protect us. They do a fine job of protecting criminals, even after they are caught. If there were no enemies on this planet then sure, no one would need a gun.

It is a sad fact that criminals are innocent until the law catches them. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to see it…? Can it be stated as a fact that a tree has fallen? With ownership of any weapon there is a great responsibility. If laws should have any bearing on the ownership of weapons of any kind, those laws should be good laws. They should be aimed directly at those who fail to be responsible. Banning high capacity magazines and assault weapons removes grand defensive capability from the general population and squarely drops it lopsidedly into the laps of criminals. The offensive option also tilts far into the favor of the bad. Gangs, cartels, and terrorist will rejoice loudly when American citizens have their ability to defend themselves removed.

The way the world is today, criminals can get their hands on almost any kind of weapon they want. That leaves the rest of the world at a serious disadvantage. Laws have become horrendous and long winded thanks to those who write them. It should never take tens, if not hundreds, of pages to get the meaning across on any subject. Just because lawyers can understand it in no way means anyone in their right mind would want to even care to read such “novels”.

History is full of gargantuan body counts that resulted from governments taking firearms from citizens. Strong populations became sheep who were then slaughtered easily. Sure, we tend to want to forget such things. Just remember that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. “Never again”, can be vindicated easily when history is used to back it up.

It was an armed populace that fought and died to give this great country birth. It will be a populace that is democratically stripped of the ability to defend itself that will be the death of the greatest country that has ever existed.