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As artists we all will eventually contemplate our “image”. How the world sees us is important. It may not be readily perceivable but the impression we make will affect how far we go with our art.

Some say image is everything. In this age of short attention image is the snippet that makes or breaks prospective fan devotion. With that said, if you place image and artwork on a scale, it would probably rock back and forth constantly. Yes, you can have a concrete “image” that sells “you” but your work will trump that at times.

For some artist image is the last thing on their mind. That’s probably true for a lot of independent artists. For those signed into contracts with big name companies image is part of the package that gets forced upon the artists. They have a contractual obligation to adhere to something they may not “be”. There are many artists with stellar material that lack any perceivable image. But even the lack of image, is still an image. On the other hand there are lots of artist with stellar images that lack good material. Hype seems to trump quality all too often these days. When the public is force-fed an image across the multi-media landscape it’s inevitable that a percentage of them will jump on the bandwagon.

The “in crowd” has a way of infecting those outside of it. From the outside it looks like a lot of fun. Missing out is a virus that spreads ceaselessly. Once you give in to the hype the burden of getting off the bus becomes your lonely duty. One you will only perform at the expense of things you may not want to lose. There is no end to the list of artists who put out material based on what’s in and cool at the time. Cookie-cutter product sells. Originality suffers. Quality evaporates but fans still enjoy it all.

True gems of art are buried deep within an ocean of products that seethe and roil like the surface of the sun. Good music cannot be judged by the way it is produced but rather by the composition of it instead. What a song says and how it says it is the heat, pressure, and time that create preciousness. I urge you to jump in and enjoy whatever you find. Don’t hold your breath for something perfect. Perfection is overrated.

Songs were once described by someone as little cartoons that tell a story. Each section is a panel of sounds that stir the mind into a delicious frenzy. Every sound is a muse’s brushstroke. If you let it happen music can produce great images in your mind. The artist shares a vision with you. After you interpret it your own way sharing your vision with the world closes the loop that muses are born in, and flock to, in infinite numbers.