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Not all music is a reflection of the real world but most popular music is at the least in the ball-park. Unfortunately the real world is rarely as pretty as we want it to be. The real world is a “steampunk-lite” nightmare with no end in sight. As the wheels of life roll around, music rains into our ears. It comes from and endless supply of dreamers and nightmare-mongers who are always the deepest true believers in what they are doing by way of understanding what they mean. The listeners make their own interpretations as they may.

There is a vast array of songwriters across the globe. They cover any subject matter imaginable. Some write about politics local, national, or international. Others write about the drug-deal-gone-bad-down-on-the-corner-last-night. Still others pen pleas for help need for victims of disaster, or any other lamentable of the four horsemen’s affects on human existence. And yet still others exercise their right to freedom of expression questionably.

There are love songs, hate songs, horrible songs, and great songs. (Can’t help but rhyme sometime. There I go again!) Many voices are stifled due to geographic location. Many are muffled by popular demand. Not everyone wants to hear a 15 minute epic about judgment day. Not everyone wants to hear a 3 minute number one hit. People will listen to what they want to. They will get that music how they want to get it. There’s nothing that can’t be found when it comes to music.

There are public listeners. And there are private listeners. Each is fully capable of becoming the other. The public enthusiast wants to share every discovery with friends or even the whole world. The private people treasure every gem they find and enjoy everything alone. Which are you? What do you do when you find new music? Do you make it louder?