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“Failure is not an option.” What a crock that is. Do we really have a choice to succeed or fail? I’m certain we don’t. In the aftermath of all our actions, in the midst of all we set into motion, at the end of any given day, after we have bled out and sweat out all we have to sweat and bleed, all we can do is step away and hope for the best. We don’t get to decide how the world will deal with us. Everything we’ve ever done, everything we do right now, and everything we will ever do, will become automatically dependant on someone else to determine how far it will go, how high it will soar, and how long it will last. We develop our ideas and present them to the world. After that, we cross our fingers and pray.

We artists are reservoirs of hope. We hope what we create is accepted by, at the least, one other person in the world. We hope for absolution. We hope for affirmation of our works. We hope our wares fall into some niche of the public’s opinion. We love what we do but that won’t insure that anyone else will.

Where we strive for originality we know full well the wilderness we are trotting into. Will our “stuff” be able to hold up under the scrutiny of those who drink of the mainstream pools of works we are also aficionados of? We aim for genre, or we try to create our own unique ones. We add our drop to the ocean of creations already flooding the World Wide Web and long for some echo to return to us with news good, or bad.

The odds are more than just against us. They’re stacked disproportionally in the favor of others better known. Still we believe in ourselves just as they do. Still we try our best just like they do. Still we heft our dreams into the ether just like they do. The only things that separate us from them are success, and failure. They have “made it”, and we have not. They get the spotlight along with all the trimmings. We get to enjoy quiet evenings at home writing more songs, spending quality time with loved ones, re-stringing guitars, programming effects processors, daydreaming, and that stuffs not all that bad either. For now we don’t have deadlines or contracts. We don’t have chauffeurs or security. For now we have time to enjoy what we have accomplished and look forward to things we are currently creating, and things we have yet to dream of.

Now that I think about it, yes, success has its’ rewards, but so does failure.