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Being the well prepared and uber-googler, I was ready to take on baby food. My baby, however, wasn’t quite as excited or as interested as I was.

I researched baby food processors, read a whole bunch of reviews and searched for the niftiest gadget on the market. Finally, I pulled the trigger- actually I just clicked a couple of times and my purchase was made, along with food pouches and squeeze spoons.

I spent hours researching recipes and the best ‘first foods.’ I made a trip to the grocery store and picked the prettiest organic fruits and vegetables. I unloaded my groceries with pride- I was about to prepare the best homemade organic baby food EVER!

Two hours later, plus a huge mess in my kitchen and I prepared Banana and Avocado Mash that was precisely put into a squeeze feeding system.

I did a personal taste test prior to adding breast milk and it actually tasted really darn good. The next mission was to feed my baby.

Prior to executing my baby food prep, I had been feeding my babe organic baby oatmeal on and off for the last month. I was hoping these new fruits would perk a bit of interest in her taste buds, but I was wrong. Her lack of interest in organic oatmeal rolled over to my organic concoction of B&A Mash.

My pediatrician told me not to worry, “She has been a strictly breastfed baby, she will eat baby food when she is not getting enough from your breast milk.” Still not satisfied because frankly, all these pictures on my news feed of other babies gobbling down baby food were making me slightly jealous and feel like my precious babe was falling behind.

Then I read an article on Baby Led Weaning (BLW). My life has changed in one day. According to, BLW simply means allowing your baby to feed itself from the start. My babe took to this idea immediately.

While washing dishes I sat my babe in her phil&ted Lobster clip-on highchair and gave her a slice of organic banana. This little girl was in heaven.

While at my Mom’s house I tested out avocado. Saying my babe loved it would be an understatement. She sat there with green fingers sucking them clean and going back for more.

With both attempts at BLW my little love was a mess but she enjoyed her new take on food and I enjoyed watching her smile as she directed her food of choice towards her mouth.