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Today my daughter turned 7 years old. Where has the time gone? Seriously, where did it go? It seems like yesterday she was a chunky little ball of a toddler. In four days she will be a second grader. Hold on, I need a tissue. I remember wanting to be the mom of all boys and now, I cannot imagine not having a daughter…now two daughters. It is incredible, the bond of a mother and daughter. And as a woman and a mother there are a few things I want my daughter(s) to know.

You can always ask me for help. No matter what.

There are times I can hear my daughter getting frustrated in her room- whether it is from tying her shoes or trying to fix a toy. She will get so upset, frustrated, defeated and eventually burst into tears. Every single time I walk into her room and ask her what is wrong. In her huffy and puffy voice she will express the trouble she is having and how hard she is trying to complete whatever task she has taken on. And every single time I tell her to just come and ask me for help. I may not be able to drop everything at that exact moment but I will help you, whether it be talking you through it or giving you other options to conquer your task. I want my daughter to know that at any time throughout her life I am always there for her. No matter what.

With friends, quality is better than quantity.

I can guarantee that tomorrow my daughter will come home and tell me she has a new BFF. I know this because she has a new BFF like every other day. I know that at this point in her life she will not understand this but, there will come a day when she will. She will get her heart broken by her BFF, she will get left out of the “cool clique” and she will learn the hard way what I was trying to tell her. In the end the only BFF she will need is herself. My daughter herself will be the only person that knows what is best for her. And her Momma of course!

Beauty is only skin deep.

Television and these Disney shows are ridiculous. The outfits and the attitude they blast out of the TV. are also ridiculous. My daughter wants red hair like The Little Mermaid because she says it is beautiful, she wants high heels like Jessie on ‘Hey Jessie’ and the list goes on and on. How do I teach my daughter that her looks are only going to get her so far in life? She needs to do well in school and always put forth her best effort in everything she does in order to succeed. She wants to be a singer when she grows up- I want her to go to college, even if she majors in underwater basket weaving. She may be too young to grasp the concept of beauty being skin deep but I can almost promise, there will be a point in her life that, she will know exactly what I meant.

I am her mom first and best friend second.

My husband makes fun of me for saying that my daughters are my best friends. Yes, my 7 year old and 5 month old are my BFF’s. So what! But before I am their BFF’s, I am their mother. I will not be the “cool mom” and let you get away with doing things that are not good for you. I will not be the “cool mom” and keep secrets from your daddy when you get in trouble. I will not be the “cool mom” and let you get away with making bad decisions. I will however, go shopping with you, take you to get manicures and pedicures, have “girls only” trips and be there for you- to talk to, to vent to and to ask advice. I want to be your best friend and I want to raise an amazing daughter.

The bond I share with my oldest daughter is incredible. She is the twinkle in my eye, the beat of my heart and my right hand girl. She is my mini-me and my best friend. I want her to know that she can be anything she wants to in life. She can do anything she wants to in life. I want her to grow up knowing that she is worth a million bucks and deserves nothing less. And, I will always be her biggest cheerleader. And if for some reason there are bumps along the way, which I might not agree with, I will STILL always be there for her.