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I was quite surprised by Pocahontas at Disney World! She saw my 5-month-old daughter’s necklace and commented on how Meeko (her pet raccoon in the movie) loved to gnaw on amber when he was teething. Impressive Pocahontas, very impressive! Most people see my daughters’ necklace and just comment about how it’s not safe for her to wear jewelry at five and a half months old. But her necklace is not just jewelry; it is a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.

After my perfectly happy and non-fussy baby started being fussy I soon realized what was on the horizon. Teething. So I quickly pulled out my iPad and started googling: baby teething and natural remedies for teething. I came across a few things but what really stood out were these necklaces. I soon went to our local baby boutique, Pidder Patter, and spoke with a sales associate who reeducated me on everything I had read on various websites and blogs. She was wonderful at answering my questions like: Aren’t these choking hazards? I mean there’s a crap load of small beads! Do babies sleep with them on? Is that even safe? Are they supposed to chew on them?

She answered every question and reaffirmed that these necklaces are perfectly safe. The necklaces are not considered a choking hazard because each bead is individually knotted, so if the necklace does bust the beads will not scatter. Babies can sleep with them on although it is not recommended. Also the more the baby wears the necklace the more their skin absorbs the succinic acid and the sooner you would have to replace the necklace. The necklaces are not meant to be chewed on but to just be worn.

The succinic acid in the Baltic Amber Necklace can: • Reduce inflammation (red cheeks) • Stimulate the thyroid gland (reduces drooling) • Accelerates natural immune system abilities • Natural pain reliever

My daughter has worn hers for a month and I can honestly say that I believe it has helped. She cut two teeth on our two-day road trip to Florida and you would have never known she was teething. She wears it all day every day and some nights- only if I forget to take it off during her last diaper change before bed.

My husband thinks I am nuts and that our child is perfect, hence her lack of fussiness during teething. I however, think the combination of the Baltic Amber Necklace and my little doodle being the perfect little baby has helped teething the natural way. Everyone has different views on natural and organic remedies versus medication, my advice is to do your due diligence and research. Different things work for different people. You know your baby and what will work best for them.